Generac Backup Generators.

Generac Power Systems designs and manufactures standby backup generators for residential, commercial, and industrial backup power. Today, Generac generators are preferred by 7 out of every 10 homeowners who invest in home backup power. Their product lines includes both air cooled and liquid cooled backup generators.

Generally, their air cooled generators are designated as its residential line and the liquid cooled generators as its commercial and industrial line. Be warned that electrical power output of air cooling is limited in its efficiency. An air-cooled generator usually will hit its maximum capability at 20-22kw. Above 20-22kw, smaller air cooled engines can’t compete.  Connecting a greater load to a generator will require it to have a larger engine to drive it.  Economies of manufacturing scale lead to the use of more generic water cooled units.

On breaking the 20KW output barrier, Generac leaves behind air cooled engines and moves on to larger capacity multi cylinder automotive engines which are water cooled. There are advantages to making this leap in size and price.

Firstly, a four stroke, four cylinder auto engine will run slower and not have to put as much effort into maintaining the power output with increased load. Secondly, a slower running engine will be quieter as the engine is surrounded by a water jacket which helps muffle noise.

Generac offers two series of liquid cooled generators. These generators are designed more typically for commercial use. The commercial line offers kW rating between 25 and 150. The QuietsSource series offers kW ratings between 22 and 48. This Generac series can be found in both residential and commercial applications.

The Commercial Series generators are simply commercial grade generators. They are built to be able to handle commercial applications with high demand on the generator. Even with the commercial rating, if your power needs require it, you can still use them for residential purposes.  But, since you are dealing with a much larger generator, it will produce more noise than your average home unit.

The QuietSource Series is still considered a commercial line in Generac liquid cooled generators. But, it has the added advantage of its 1800RPM motor speed.  Unlike the commercial series these models don’t have to spin at 3600 RPM. Half the speed also means a reduction in noise as well as the required maintenance. If you are thinking about using a liquid cooled model and have noise requirements, then this would be the better option. Some of these units are rated very similarly to the air cooled units in decibels, even though they are much larger in size.

Today’s Generac Liquid cooled Generators can provide enough power to keep a home lit and warm during a power outage, or keep a business operational.

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