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Having a constant supply of electricity is something that residents never really think about until it goes out. No electricity means no power for devices, appliances, and air conditioning or heating which can make the home quite uncomfortable. Thanks to home standby generator sales Sebastian residents and business owners can trust, the times when the power goes out no longer need to be feared. 

treasure coast automatic standby generator installation stuart flHow a Home Standby Generator Works 

A home standby generator looks something like a central air conditioning unit. It is professionally installed and sits outside the home. Run by propane or natural gas, this type of generator plugs directly into your home’s electrical system. When the power goes out, an automatic transfer switch activates the generator which provides electricity to your home until the power is restored. 

You can choose from different sizes and wattage amounts to find the right home standby generator to provide power to the things you need. From the air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, medical equipment, and more, you can have power provided to your home thanks to this type of generator. 

Benefits of a Home Standby Generator

 While many residents choose a smaller, gas-powered portable generator, there are definite advantages to going with a larger home standby generator that is designed to provide electricity to your home when the power goes out. 

Safe: Portable, gas-powered generators are not only noisy, they create noxious fumes and CO2 issues that present a threat to those living in your home. Plus, the number of electrical cords that must be run from the portable generator presents a tripping hazard. A home standby generator is plugged directly into your home’s electrical system, so there are no cords. And, it runs on clean propane or natural gas, so there is far less noise and no CO2 or noxious fumes that are created. 

Powerful: A portable generator can only provide power for a few items at best. A home standby generator can power your air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, important medical equipment, and more depending on the size and wattage that you choose. This means that you have all the power you need for a long time until the grid is restored. 

Value: While a portable generator is nice to have, it does nothing to improve the value of your property. The same cannot be said of a home standby generator which is seen by potential buyers as an attractive option. You not only hold, if not improve the value of your property, you may also see your home sell faster due in part to having a good home standby generator. 

Why a Home Standby Generator is Right for Your Property

 When the power goes out, home standby generator sales Sebastian becomes your best friend. It provides safe, reliable power for long periods until the grid is restored. Because it uses natural gas or propane, replacing the fuel source is easier than gasoline which may not be as available if a natural disaster occurs. 

For homeowners who want a solid backup in case the power goes out, the home standby generator is more than a purchase, it is an investment to your property and a thankful addition that you and your family will appreciate when the power goes out.



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Protect Your Lifestyle 24/7 Against Power Outages

Home backup power provides unmatched comfort, security and convenience. A standby generator runs on either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas. A home backup generator delivers electricity to the home when times are the worst. You can choose to backup your entire home or most essential items.
Generac home standby generators are the #1 selling brand of home backup generators. Generac is preferred by 7 out of 10 homeowners who choose home backup power.

No more running extension cords through your windows or doors. No refueling necessary. You don’t even have to be home to start your generator. It does that automatically!

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